Sunday, May 31, 2009

A cage, ?, an idea (2000)

I am in a cage with no eyes upon me.
I could escape, I could, but to a bigger one.
It is a circus outside. For them, too.
Inside, outside, within, without: mere semantics.
Chewing cud, reclining, let me watch those eyes.

I am a question mark with no question preceding.
Curved, promising, a trace of certainty in the dot,
But the symbol stays preserved, chaste.
Like the pretty girl whom I watch from far,
The question begs to be there; but I stand alone.

I am an idea He thought of- just an idea.
When He smiles, welts appear upon my skin,
At times I cry but I imitate His smile.
When He turns the hour-glass, like the sand I obey,
Trickling thro’ Time, entering a new vacuum.

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