Monday, June 22, 2009

Can you see the eyes (1999-2001)

Can you see the eyes-

of the mother, raped, refugee her identity,
head covered, baby suckling at bare breast, titled “Tragödie”;
of the newly-wed widow, confused, victim of a cause’s kill,
shielding the warm carcass, mumbling “kal”;
of the soldier, booted, scared, confined with loneliness,
wondering if he is, labeled a hero in papers’ excesses;
of youths gazing nowhere, clinging to love long lost,
of women with empty cases, flowers for a ghost,
of the crazed, laughing, snoring, the pillow held tight,
of the sane, full of reason and purpose, lofty and might;

if you cannot-

enter the train leading nowhere, stacked neatly,
as in a slaughterhouse, cackle merrily,
the guillotine is not for you, suppose,
waited upon, sipping wine, a sight for windows,
gather the friends, for sex or serious talk,
ask not why the neighbour is of silent stock,
read the Book, be wise, learn the truth,
pray to God, pay and confess at the booth,
seek serene sleep, the race continues,
to be noticed, tagged, love, shackles to be cut loose,

do not see the eyes-

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