Saturday, June 6, 2009

Proposal 3 (2001)

The winter’s been long and harsh.
The fields like awakened graveyard
With lines of trees mere skeletons.
Escaping from palaces-or gaols?-
Across empty parks with long shadows
With the blue sky along promising hope.

I followed a lone cloud,
To a world of reflections;
I see a face in those waters,
Once shy, once sly, teasing.
Scared to reach and touch and disturb.
With a smile, she continues the chase.

It’s a journey through shades.
Ground rug-worn, grass crushed,
And couples in the distance.
In the light or in the shadows?
Under trees, behind bushes or in the open?
Choices. For then or now?

There are messages etched on trees,
And the velvet ground beckons.
Let’s rest for a while.
And listen to birds, our breath,
Echoes of the sounds of past lovers.
Let’s leave our mark. Shall we?

My lady, forgive this simple mind
For conjuring often used sights.
Is old love bad love? I wish I knew.
Material truths can be unkind.
Let fantasies make paupers knights.
Fantasies or love? I wish I knew.

Away, away from princely tales.
What does a man need?
From the edge of our land,
Over wild flowers and a silent vale,
Spying fog-laden mountains,
Whispering secrets, hand in hand.
Step out onto the balcony, my love.
Beyond those mountains, there’s a tribe
Racing for money, buying selling company.
Here, in little rooms in little plots
With prayers from lips to lips, lovers stand bare,
Watching this same serene sight.

Come back within and make me whole.
Should we step lightly on these floorboards?
And rest gently upon these sheets?
Feel the air pregnant with passion.
No more a captive. No more restraints.
Let’s follow His will – to live and to love.

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