Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To Eros : II (1993)

The fair back, tense and straining,
The brown blouse bravely exposed
Was it so in front
An enticing décolletage?
Sheer flimsy bodice
Or straining jeans about her hips
Swaying maybe in artificial effect.
Is it an effort to be smart
Or to create an itch in the crotch?

Brave couples in open embrace
Rather smothering
As if the senses fail to reason
With just a touch.
How frail or encouraging or caring
Does she look at the theatre steps
A hand firmly gripping
Her partner’s arm “Touch me so”.

That middle-aged woman
And her translucent sari
Encapturing the glance
At her bulging bosom
Straining and above
Her fair blouse upon fairer skin
And how dark would it be
At the mount, flaccid or tense,
Does she seek pleasure
In such curiosity,
And the chapter closes
With hereditary proof,
Her daughter too,
Promises such beautiful holds,
With purchase of clips or bags,
I purchase them too.

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