Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To Eros : III – Of Her (1993)

She stood so close,
With fear
So far.
A lover turns a stranger
With new future
And stranger thoughts.
Why has she never been so,
Was it chastity’s masquerade
Or restraint by the unsure
And a life’s misconceptions?
And now she stood so close,
At desperate fingers’ length,
With her thighs near my knees,
Was I in an eternal crouch
Stooping to passions anew?
She laughs, seeming ignorant,
She talks, as nothing’s occurred
While I contemplate.

Maybe, that be the whole truth.
She, in nature’s stride,
Me adrift in thoughtful meander.
Is this the beginning,
Or the end,
None seems clear,
The fact:
She shall no more be that of the past.

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