Sunday, July 19, 2009

To My Son – Beneath The Mushroom Cloud (1993)

“…lived happily forever!” And now, sleep sweet son,
Though in darkness I’ll be. Kindle that flame at dawn.
With the frailty of this hard age, I’ll watch over,
Sentinel over hope’s tides, wary of the silence of the rooster.

Did you have your fill of ancient lore this night?
Or did you sight the charade of this modern knight-
While my breath match my hope, or my tear shorn eyes
Stare within the dark globes basking in the glow which arise?

Let these gnarled fingers cuddle you to my bosom-
A white rose never prey, I pray, to the awesome;
The self same fingers by morn bent over buttons
Ready to spear an invisible foe when another summons.

Your gentle breath and smile of peace,
Sweet nectar that flows- such sweet release!
What will I leave for you- a past you shall hate,
A present to hide, a future none or just too late?

What will you inherit- my son, cherub, love and heir,
When this clay’s shattered while your’s smoked in fire:
Charred earth, graves’ estate, or blind by what you saw,

Will you be dead, deaf or dumb by what I sow?

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