Tuesday, July 7, 2009

His Story : Epilogue: To Her (1991)

Part 1
Part 2

I need not spell your name, dear one,
I need not paint your form, my friend,
For my emotions and passions for you
May lie in vain in a chant or an idol.
Many a time have I stood mute as a praying nun,
Endlessly seeking words to suit my desire’s trend,
But what could this simple man review
In want of words true but unknown to any mortal.

Pained I am to be so far from your self,
Yet to be crushing near with our heart;
All I have to ease my ache and remorse
Are memories of your gentle smile and eager eyes.
Every time my senses lie blocked, your words awaken my self,
When the body is in wasteful repose, promises made fire me apart,
Doubly fueled to meet life – whether gentle or coarse,
To rush to the day when we meet – to a proud surprise.

So friend, beloved – whatever you maybe to me,
Know how much I love, I care – I owe my life to thee.

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